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  1. I attended Aretha’s concert. I walked around with a sign in my hand that read “BUCKET LIST” SING WITH ARETHA. Lee Ann Brill NYS Senior Idol 06. I have been a fan of her’s forever and one of my dreams is to get up on stage with her and sing just one chorus/one line from one of her classics. Security at Jones Beach escorted me up to the front of the stage, however, there was so much going on it was never seen. I had people in the parking lot and inside the theatre taking pics of the sign and was called out in the parking lot to sing, which I did one quick chorus of “Think”. People wished me well in my efforts to get up on that stage. End of the evening I was fortunate enough to hand my Demo CD to her keyboard player who said he would hand it to her personally. She was amazing, every song, every note, even her joke that at first caused a silence over the audience. I can only pray that someday my wildest dream will come true. She is forever the Queen!. Lee Ann Brill

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